Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i

1184 AED

Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i is available in UAE.

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Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i – Features & Prices in UAE :

Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i – 2-in-1 Chromebook Laptop Computer – Intel Core i3-1115G4 – 13.3″ FHD Touch Display – 8GB Memory – 128GB Storage – Chrome OS

Standing screen display size
Max Screen Resolution
‎1920 x 1080
‎3 core_i3
Memory Speed
‎2400 MHz
Hard Drive
Graphics Coprocessor
‎Intel UHD Graphics
Chipset Brand
Card Description
Wireless Type
Number of USB 3.0 Ports
Average Battery Life (in hours)
‎10 Hours
Power Source
‎Battery Powered
‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


Test video – Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i :




Product highlights :

  • The IdeaPad Flex 5i Chromebook is simple to use – just login to your Google account and you’re ready to go with access to your email, documents, calendar, and more
  • Laptop or tablet – why not both? With a 13″ FHD touchscreen, you can use your Lenovo Chromebook the way that works best for you to browse online, listen to music, stream movies, or video chat with friends
  • With the streamlined Chrome OS packed with the latest features, this convertible Chromebook offers a quick and nimble system response time
  • The IdeaPad Flex 5i Chromebook streams audio that’s surprisingly loud and clear for a compact device, thanks to its enhanced stereo speakers and built-in amplifier that’s certified by Waves Audio
  • Watch and stream shows and videos with no distractions, thanks to the narrow bezels and wider viewing angles on the Full-HD IPS display


    Questions & Answers – Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i :

    ➕ What is the price of Lenovo - 2022 - IdeaPad Flex 5i in UAE ?

    The price of Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i in-store is 1184 AED VAT.

    ➕ When Lenovo - 2022 - IdeaPad Flex 5i was released ?

    The release date was .

    ➕ What is the price of Lenovo - 2022 - IdeaPad Flex 5i cheap used ?

    The price of Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i used is 822 AED VAT.

    ➕ What are the main characteristics of Lenovo - 2022 - IdeaPad Flex 5i ?

    Special specifications :
  • The IdeaPad Flex 5i Chromebook is simple to use – just login to your Google account and you’re ready to go with access to your email, documents, calendar, and more
  • ➕ Is it interesting to buy this product ?

    The best people who can answer you are customers who have already bought and tested this product (See Customer Reviews). This product is rated 4.5 / 5 on Amazon.

    ➕ Where to buy Lenovo - 2022 - IdeaPad Flex 5i in UAE ?

    Mall, Supermarkets, Amazon, Specialized stores, ….


    Technical specifications – Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i :


    Screen Size
    Abyss Blue
    CPU Model
    Core i3
    Ram Memory Installed Size
    8 GB
    Operating System
    Chrome OS
    Card Description
    Graphics Coprocessor
    Intel UHD Graphics
    CPU Speed



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    • Warranty :

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      Is delivery offered? And how long does it take to get delivered (Delivery time)

    • Proof of purchase :

      Does the shop give you an invoice ?

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      Do they have an after-sales service to have information about the installation or operation (instructions for use). Also in case of problem, it is the seller who takes charge or you must contact the manufacturer or supplier yourself.





    2 reviews for Lenovo – 2022 – IdeaPad Flex 5i

    1. E. D (verified owner)

      Mid-Range Chromebook That Delivers High-End Satisfaction – First and foremost the sale price for this device ($286 with tax came out to $300.72) is just highway robbery! The Flex 5i is to mid-range Chromebooks what the original Chromebook Duet is for affordable (budget end) Chromebooks…the default suggestion & standard bearer.

    2. G. O (verified owner)

      My first Chromebook; it has definitely exceeded my expectations so far. – Typing this review on the Chromebook as we speak. For the 269.99 sale price on Black Friday, this thing absolutely blows any Windows based PC I could have gotten for the same price out of the water. As a first time Chromebook user and a bit of a tinker, its proven to be more flexible than I thought it would be. I even have Steam installed via the beta OS and it been great for light gaming. I’ll eventually mess around with running Linux on it, but its been great so far. It’s done everything I’ve wanted with ease, and the battery life has been great. Biggest knock I have against it is maybe the fact that the brightness could be better. But overall for the money, it’s a great little machine. Even the screen has been surprisingly solid and definitely better than most budget Windows machines you’d find. Definitely recommend it.

    3. M. M (verified owner)

      Exceeded Expectations – Within our household, three children are gamers alongside two adult gamers. It’s getting a little expensive now tbh lol. Over Thanksgiving break we all landed on Stardew Valley as a video game we enjoy playing together as a family, but our youngest sons’ 12 yr old entry-level gaming laptop is dying, even with upgrading ram and a reset on that machine it can’t handle most games anymore. So he wasn’t able to play with us on his own rig. We took turns, but it just wasn’t as fun.

    4. K. Z (verified owner)

      Terrific value Chromebook – I’ve been wanting to get a mid-range performance Chromebook to see how ell it works for my Google Workspace centric work. This $300 model looked like the ticket, and it does not disappoint. The 11th Gen i3 is comparable in performance to my 8th gen i7 in a Microsoft Surface Pro for working in the Google ecosystem. Despite many reviews complaining about screen brightness, I have found the screen more than adequate. The 1920×1080 resolution is plenty for a 13″ screen. The touchscreen in a bonus. It does take some getting used to Chrome keyboard shortcuts for caps lock and delete, as well as the double tap on the touch pad for a right click, but otherwise ChromeOS is snappy, quick booting, and easy to use. Real-life battery endurance is about 8 hours of continuous use. I’m very pleased. Form $300 and an AUE in 2028 this should be an affordable Google Workspace workhorse for years to come.

    5. T. O (verified owner)

      Good chromebook. Only issue is bad Camera quality. – Tried 2 different chrimebooks before Acer, Asus intel Celeron (around $200, $230). And this chromebook is the best. This chromebook has very good display (FHD), Touchscreen, Sound and keypad. Worth the money compared to other cheaper chrombook models.

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